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Our north Edmonton opticians specialize in custom crafting prescription eyewear. Using information collected through our extensive pre-testing and advanced testing, along with optometrist recommendations, our licensed opticians personalize eye glass options specifically to your needs, lifestyle and budget. Visit the opticians at our Edmonton optical today, and you will see how personalized eye eyewear enables you to see and be your very best. Invest in yourself and your future with professionally crafted eye glasses from eye-deology Vision Care.

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  • Experienced Edmonton Optometrists: When it comes to providing healthcare, there is no substitute for experience and know-how.
  • Personalized Care: Every person and every eye is unique. We customize eye care based on the needs of our patients.
  • A Professional Team That Cares: Eye care requires a team effort. Every one of our professionals contributes to patient care and service.
  • State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Technology: Technologies promote the early detection of diseases causing irreversible vision loss.
  • Thoroughness: Patient-first service that dedicates the time, resources, and know-how to provide world-class eye care.
  • Patient Education: Our eye care professionals make every visit a friendly, informative learning experience.

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One of our experienced licensed opticians will assist you in selecting new eyewear if the optometrist determines that you require corrective lenses or that you need to update your lenses to improve your vision. They will customize their fit to your unique attributes, needs, lifestyle, and budget. Our opticians are happy to provide you with information about the latest eyeglass frame and lens technologies available so you can make informed decisions to get you seeing and looking your best. We have a wide variety of frames and lenses to fit any budget.

Following the exam, a eye-deology Vision Care licensed optician will greet patients requiring prescriptive eyewear and discuss their eyewear, lifestyle and budgetary preferences. Equipped with this information, the optician will assist the patient in picking eyewear that addresses their medical needs and lifestyle preferences.

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Our Edmonton Eye Exams - Licensed Optician Consultation: discussing patient lifestyle, style, and budget needs and identifying frame and lens options

For most, the most influential factor when choosing eyeglass frames is how they look on their face. One could try on every pair of eyeglass frames in the store, but narrowing down the choices in advance can save a lot of time, stress and aggravation. To accomplish this, eye-deology Vision Care opticians will evaluate your face shape and tone, and present eyeglass frame styles and colours that would look best.

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Our Edmonton Eye Exams -  Licensed Optician Consultation: identifying frame and lens options that address patient prescription, style, size, and budget requirments

Several measurements are necessary to ensure that the eyeglass frame properly fits and that lens optics aligned. Pupillary distance (PD), or the distance between the centers of the pupils of each eye, is measured at the time of eyewear purchase and is one of the most important. If an individual requires multifocal lenses, then several other measurements are necessary. Some of these include pupil height, segment height and pantoscopic tilt. These measurements are critical for higher prescriptions and multifocal lenses and should be left to experienced professionals to calculate.

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Our Edmonton Eye Exams - Licensed Optician Consultation: custom digital measurements

Before patients leave with their new eyeglasses, opticians may perform several final adjustments so that they fit perfectly to the individual. Temple arm bowing, temple arm balancing, earpiece bending and nosepiece/nose pad adjustments are needed to customize and personalize fit to the patient.

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Our Edmonton Eye Exams - Licensed Optician Consultation: custom eyeglass fitting

For Albertans between of the ages of 0-18 (i.e., children) and 65+ (i.e., seniors), Alberta Health Services covers the cost of one comprehensive eye exam per year along with all medically necessary examinations (e.g., infections, foreign body removal, sudden vision changes, etc.). For Albertans between the ages of 19-64 (i.e., Adults), only medically necessary optometric exams are covered by Alberta Health Services. Adult comprehensive eye exams typically range between $90-160, depending on the number and type of tests/digital scans performed, the advanced technologies (e.g., retinal photography and Optical Coherence Tomography) used to assess patient ocular health, examination length, and overall thoroughness. Several additional tests and scans are required for contact lens wearers and for those that have had corrective eye surgery; therefore additional fees apply.

Depending on the clinic, the number and type of tests/scans performed, the advanced technologies used to assess patient eye health, and thoroughness of the optometrist, an eye exam (including all pre-testing) can take between 10-60 minutes to perform.

Given that individuals only have two eyes, that eye diseases do not produce symptoms until their advanced stages, the importance vision is to quality life, livelihood, and lifestyle, and that once vision is lost it cannot be returned, it is recommended that individuals get an optometrist-performed eye exam annually.

Annual eye exams are especially important for children and seniors, and for those individuals with systemic conditions, such as diabetes.

Searching for an optometrist in Edmonton? Our experienced Edmonton eye doctors use advanced modern technologies and devote upwards of 500% more time towards providing personalized patient care than elsewhere so that they can see more and ensure that you may never see less. Position yourself to see the future with a visit to our eye clinic and Edmonton's best eye care!

Doctor Jennifer Ash, Eye Doctor (Edmonton)

Dr. Jennifer Ash is the Resident Optometrist at Eye-deology Vision Care. Dr. Ash provides patient care 5 days a week. Read more about Dr. Ash.

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Dr. Ruhee Kurji is an Associate Optometrist at Eye-deology Vision Care. Dr. Kurji provides patient care Tuesdays & Fridays. Read more about Dr. Kurji.

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Dr. Jade McLachlin is an Associate Optometrist at Eye-deology Vision Care. Dr. McLachlin provides patient care 5 days a week. Read more about Dr. McLachlin.

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