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Anti-Fatigue Lenses Relieve Stress On Overworked Eyes

Spending numerous hours multitasking between your computer, smartphones, tv, and reading materials can make your eyes feel tired and over worked. Hoya, Zeiss, and Essilor have developed revolutionary eyeglass lenses that are specifically designed to complement modern multitasking, tech-savvy lifestyles and minimize the strain placed on the eyes when frequently switching between near (e.g., smartphone) and intermediate (e.g., computer screen) visual tasks. Providing relief from the eyestrain and visual stress resulting from the eyes frequently changing focus between far/intermediate and near activities, anti-fatigue lenses are a real game-changer for anyone who wants to be at their absolute best all day! Whether you're a busy professional, a tech-savvy student, or someone who visually multitasks throughout the day, anti-fatigue lenses will help you say goodbye to blurred vision, headaches, and discomfort, and say hello to a relaxing, enhanced, and energized visual experience.

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Technically, anti-fatigue lenses are a single vision eyeglass lens - they contain a single prescription intended to correct vision at all distances, but have a near vision zone (i.e., for activities within 30 cm) with increased magnification, or BOOST in the lower portion of the lens designed to reduce the muscular strain required to focus on near-distance tasks, such as reading or using a smartphone. Similar to progressive lenses, anti-fatigue lenses have no visible line between viewing zones.

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Anti-Fatigue Lenses Keep Your Eye Fresh and Relaxed Throughout The Day

Anti fatigue eyeglass lenses work by providing a slight magnification, or BOOST, at the bottom portion of the lens. The magnification applied to the near distance zone of the lens is typically selected from predefined options (e.g., +0.6, +0.9, +1.2) by the optometrist based on testing and feedback provided by the patient. The zone of the lens in which the magnification is applied is determined by precision digital measurements performed by our licensed optometrists and opticians. Theses measurements are unique for each individual and eyeglass frame and are essential to providing the best optical performance.

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Anti-Fatigue Lenses Help Relax Overworked Eyes By Providing A Boost To Reading Vision

If you are an individual that spends a considerable amount of time multi-tasking between digital devices or switching between viewing computer screens and reading materials throughout the day, then you will most certainly benefit from anti-fatigue eyeglass lenses. This is especially true if your eyes often feel extremely tired and/or you experience headaches during, or following, extended periods of visual multitasking. Anti-fatigue lenses are generally well suited for individuals between 15 and 40 years of age - individuals that would benefit from easier reading vision, are pre-presbyopic, and do not yet require progressive lenses.

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Anti-Fatigue Eyeglasses Reduce Eye Strain

Anti-Fatigue lenses from Hoya, Zeiss, and Essilor, can be customized with additonal lens coatings and features.

Anti-Fatigue Lenses With Blue Light Filtering Coating

  • Greaty For Heavy Screen Use
  • Improved Sleep
  • Minimized Eye Strain
  • Less Dry Eye Symptoms
  • Reduced HEV Light

Photochromic Light Sensitive Eyeglass Lenses

  • All-In-One Glasses/Sunglasses
  • Easy Eyewear Care
  • UV Protection
  • Dynamic Sun Protection

Eyeglass and Sunglass Lens Tints

  • Customize Light Transmittance
  • Choose Your Favourite Colour
  • Mirror Tints Available
  • Polarization Available For Sunglasses

Anti-Fatigue Glasses With Anti-Reflection Lens Coating

  • Reduce Eye Strain
  • Eliminate Unflattering Glare
  • Minimum Squinting
  • Highly Recommended For Screen Use
  • Minimize Headaches

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Anti-fatigue lenses are often referrred to as baby progressives or introductory progressives, and are often a precursor to progressive lenses. While sharing similar no-line transions between lens zones, tt is important to note that anti-fatigue lenses differ from progressive eye glass lenses. Differences between anti-fatigue lenses and progressive lenses include:

Feature Anti-Fatigue Progressive
Lens Type Single Vision Multifocal
Benchmark Rxs 1 + Boost 3
Field Of View Wide Narrower
Adaption Period? No Yes

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Anti-Fatigue Lenses vs. Progressive Lenses

The reading zone boost and continuous, seamless design of anti-fatigue lenses offer wearers several important functional and aesthetic benefits:

  • Minimize Eye Strain. Anti-Fatigue lenses minimize the eye strain, blurry vision, and the dry eye symptoms encountered during screen-heavy or extended multitasking days.
  • Seamless Design. Like progressive lenses, anti-tatigue lenses are lack the lined focal zones of bifocals, resulting in a seamless, modern look.
  • Greater Comfort. The small area of added power at the bottom of the lens that gives your vision a slight magnification to help relax your eye muscles and make focusing easier.
  • Reduce Headaches. Anti-fatigue lenses reduce the demand placed on eye muscles to contract and maintain focus to read a varous focul length, which in turn results in fewer headaches.

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Anti-Fatigue Eye Glass Lenses

Despite what online sellers may suggest, crafting anti-fatigue lenses that provide clear, high-definition vision requires numerous precise measurements. These measurements include pupillary distances for both near and far focal lengths, optical center, heights, vertex (i.e., the distance between the eye and the back of the lens), pantoscopic tilt (i.e., the angle of the lens from vertical), and wrap angle (i.e., the angle at which the lenses curve around the head). These measurements are specific to each individual's combination of biology, behavioral preferences, frame type, frame fit, and prescription. Modern digital tools should be utilized to obtain the most accurate measurements, and the selected frame must be properly fitted and professionally adjusted to ensure that measurements are precise and customized to the individual.

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Digital Anti-Fatigue Eye Glass Measurements

Hoya Prescription Eyeglass Lenses
Zeiss Prescription Eyeglass Lenses
Essilor Prescription Eyeglass Lenses
Maui Jim Prescription Eyeglass Lenses

Anti-fatigue glasses use lenses that are a type of progressive lens, but they are not the same as bifocal or progressive lenses. Unlike bifocal or progressives, anti-fatigue lenses are offer a more moderate magnification to help support and relax the focusing muscles in your eyes to prevent eyestrain while working on close tasks. Bifocals and progressives are for individuals who are presbyopic and need fulsome and exact vision correction to see up close (reading, computer work).

Anti-fatigue deliver as advertised - they make near distance activities, such as reading, writing and viewing hand-held devices, easier for the eyes. This translates into less visual fatigue, fewer headaches, and fewer tension related issues.

Computer eyeglass lenses are a task-specific multifocal lens designed to maximize the portion of the lens devoted to intermediate distance viewing - the distance at which desktop computer monitors reside. Anti-fatigue lenses, on the other hand, are single vision eyeglass lenses that are suitable for all activities and can worn throughout the entire day.

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