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Experience the exceptional clarity and comfort of Zeiss eyeglass lenses at our Edmonton optical. Zeiss, a renowned leader in the optical field, employs state-of-the-art technology to create lenses that provide outstanding vision correction. Their groundbreaking designs, including advanced anti-reflective coatings and customized lens solutions, ensure that each wearer enjoys the clearest, most vibrant vision possible. Whether you're reading a book, driving at night, or working on a computer, Zeiss eyeglass and sunglass lenses seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle, offering top-notch performance in any scenario. Visit our Edmonton optometrists and opticians today to discover how Zeiss's cutting-edge technologies can enhance your vision and transform your daily life.

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ZEISS eyeglass lenses are celebrated for integrating some of the most advanced technologies and features, delivering exceptionally clear vision. Their lenses are crafted using ZEISS Digital Inside Technology, which is specifically designed to meet the visual needs of a digital lifestyle, reducing eye strain from screen use. ZEISS lenses also employ i.Scription® technology, which tailors lenses to the unique optical profile of each eye, enhancing contrast and color perception, even in low-light conditions. Their Duravision® Platinum coating provides superior scratch resistance, anti-reflective properties, and easy cleaning, ensuring durability and visual comfort. With these state-of-the-art innovations, ZEISS lenses stand out as a premier choice for those in Edmonton seeking unparalleled vision clarity and eye protection.

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Currently, the SmartLife Individual 3 is the most advanced progressive eyeglass lens offered by Zeiss..

Most, but not all Zeiss lenses can be obtained with the light-reactive photochromic / Transitions lens coating.

Every lens delivered to the optician under the mark 'ZEISS' is engraved with our trademark 'Z' as proof of the excellent lens quality. In the course of cutting, edging and fitting the lenses into the frame, the engraving may be removed.

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