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Contact lenses are available in a multitude of sizes and base curves to accommodate the range of unique shapes and sizes of eyes that exist across the planet. Because contact lenses sit directly on the cornea of the eye, proper contact lens fit is essential and a top priority. Improperly fit contact lenses not only are uncomfortable but also increase the probability of developing corneal abrasions and/or painful eye infections. Accordingly, it is important that individuals considering contact lenses have them professionally fit by an experienced optometrist. Likewise, it is equally important for regular wearers of contact lenses to have their eyes examined and contact lens fit assessed annually. eye-deology Vision Care optometrists have the experience and technologies (i.e., corneal topographer) to custom fit contact lenses and to ensure that they do not jeopardize your vision or ocular health.

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Because contact lenses sit directly on the eye, there are a multitude of factors that determine if an individual is a suitable candidate for contact lens wear. Typically, a comprehensive contact lens eye exam is performed in advance of a fitting to assess and to determine if the individual is a candidate for contact lens wear and/or if there are any outstanding issues that need to be addressed in advance of pursuing contact lens wear. The notable assessments include:

  1. Refraction to determine a prescription
  2. Corneal topography to determine cornea shape
  3. Dry Eye Assessment
  4. Check Contact Lens Fit Assessment;
  5. Flip eyelids to check for allergy bumps; and
  6. Evaluate vision with contact lenses on and over-refract.

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Contact Lens Eye Exams: More Than Just A Regular Eye Exam

Cornea shape is unique to every individual, and along with prescription and wear schedule, it is the shape and size of the cornea that influences the best contact lens make and type for an individual. eye-deology Vision Care optometrists use the latest corneal topographer technology to map the surface of the cornea and determine the best contact lens options for patients.

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Contact Lens Refitting
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One of the issues contact wearers face is the development of dry eye syndrome. When the eyes do not produce sufficient moisture, they become red and irritated. If left untreated, dry eyes can damage the surface of your eye, which can, in turn, lead to painful infections. The optometrist will use a small strip of paper placed underneath your lower eyelid to evaluate tear production. eye-deology Vision Care optometrists also use a digital keratographer to perform a multitude of non-invasive dry eye assessments. Treatment for dry eye symptoms is necessary before pursuing (or resuming) contact lens wear.

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Contact Lens Dry Eye Assessment

A contact lens fit assessment evaluates the shape and size of the eye (and its surface) to ensure that the contact lenses are centred on the eye and move appropriately. In addition to evaluating the cornea, the pupil and iris are measured. These assist in determining the proper sizing of lenses so that they look natural against the eye.

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Contact Lens Eye Exam: Check Contact Lens Fit

Once a proper suite of fitting parameters is established, the optometrist will order diagnostic contact lenses for the patient to wear for approximately one week to assist in determining which type/brand of lenses provides the best long-term fit and visual acuity. A follow-up exam occurs following approximately 1-week of wear to assess lens fit and receive feedback from the patient. If one of the diagnostic lenses provided fits well and provides clear vision, then the contact lens prescription will be finalized, and a supply of contact lenses ordered for the patient.

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Contact Lens Eye Exam: Confirm Brand, Type and Parameters

Giant papillary conjunctivitis, commonly referred to as GPC, is a condition in which the inner lining of the eyelid becomes inflamed, and small bumps develop. These small bumps, known as papillae, often form in response to some form of chronic irritation, like wearing contact lenses.

Sometimes, early-stage bumps or other indications of allergies can develop after only a few days of contact lens wear. To determine the presence of bumps or allergies, the optometrist will flip your upper eyelid outward so that the conjunctiva – the inner lining of the eyelid - is easily observable.

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Contact Lens Eye Exam: Check For Allergies

An eyeglass prescription is not the same as a contact lens prescription. As a result, it would be incorrect to assume that the parameters prescribed for eyeglasses will be the same as those needed for an individual to see their very best with contacts lenses.

Over refracting is the process of determining the residual error of refraction of the eye while the patient is wearing contact lenses. In other words, it is the process of determining how well the patient sees with their contact lenses. Over refracting requires the optometrist to evaluate vision with the phoropter a second time. eye-deology Vision Care optometrists over refract to ensure that patients of the clinic have the absolute best vision in their contact lenses.

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Optometrist Refraction With Contact Lens On
Scleral Contact Lenses Fitted By Our Edmonton Optometrists

Suffer from dry eye symptoms, have keratoconus, or not a candidate for traditional contact lenses? Scleral contact lenses may be for you!

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If you wear contact lenses you require additional testing and scans. Schedule an exam tailored for contact lens wearers with our optometrists today!

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Indviduals who suffer from dry eye syndrome typically find that scleral contact lenses are best suited for their condition and needs.

No, you may not use your eyeglass prescription to purchase contact lenses. A contact lens fitting and eye exam provides you with a separate prescription specifically for contact lenses. Contact lens prescriptions are valid for one year.

Individuals should not wear contact lenses when swimming or bathing because bacteria and/or parasites in the water can cause infections and complications that can result in vision loss.

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