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MiYOSMART Myopia Control Eyeglass Lenses

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a refractive error, or a vision condition that affects the ability to see distant images or objects clearly. While myopia is not a dangerous vision condition, it does increase the risk for developing serious, vision threatening eye diseases later in life. In fact, research has shown that when myopia increases by 1 diopter there is a 58% increased risk of future eye-related disease. Finding a safe and effective solution to address the rising prevalence of nearsightedness (myopia) in children has been a paramount concern for both parents and optometrists. Enter Hoya's revolutionary MiYOSMART lenses, a groundbreaking myopia control product tailor-made for children, aged 6 to 18, who are nearsighted and at risk of worsening myopia.

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Hoya's MiyoSmart lenses have emerged as a game-changer in the field of myopia management. Extensive clinical trials have shown that these myopia control lenses can significantly reduce the rate of myopia progression in children. In fact, research published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology revealed that MiYOSMART lenses can slow myopia progression by up to an impressive 59%. Additionally, these lenses curtail the axial elongation of the eye by a remarkable 60%, a key factor in myopia development and advancement.

You can delve into the full study in the article titled Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (DIMS) Spectacle Lenses Slow Myopia Progression: A 2-Year Randomized Clinical Trial. This comprehensive research demonstrates the effectiveness of MiYOSMART lenses in arresting the advance of myopia, offering parents and optometrists a beacon of hope in the fight against this prevalent eye condition.

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Hoya MiYOSMART Myopia Control Eyeglass Lenses

With revolutionary D.I.M.S. Technology, MiYOSMART spectacle lenses correct the visual defect on their entire surface using the D.I.M.S. honeycomb-shaped segments area to slow down myopia progression.

At the heart of the MiYOSMART lens is its unique Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segment (D.I.M.S.) design. This innovative approach represents a pioneering stride in myopia management, with a specific focus on the needs of young wearers. The D.I.M.S. design combines precision and functionality, offering a multifaceted solution for optometrists and parents alike. The essence of this design lies in its ability to provide a controlled environment for the growing eye. By strategically incorporating multiple segments into the lens, it guides visual stimuli and manages eye growth. This proactive approach helps to curb the progression of myopia in children, ensuring that their vision remains on a healthy and stable trajectory.

The front of the lens features a small central zone with the patient's full corrective prescription. Surrounding this zone are evenly placed smaller circular zones or islands of defocus (+3.50 Diopters), where the prescription is significantly weaker than the full myopic correction. This enables the patient to look through a lens, that is both focused and defocused at the same time, regardless of viewing distance.

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Hoya MiYOSMART Myopia Control Eyeglass Lens Treatment Zones

Myopia Increases Risk Of Eye Disease

Eye Disease -2.00 D -4.00 D -6.00 D -8.00 D
Myopic Maculopathy 2.2 X Higher 9.7 X Higher 40.6 X Higher 126.8 X Higher
Retinal Detachment 3.1 X Higher 9.0 X Higher 21.5 X Higher 44.2 X Higher
PSC Cataract 1.6 X Higher 3.2 X Higher 5.4 X Higher 12.3 X Higher
Glaucoma 1.7 X Higher 2.5 X Higher 2.5 X Higher N/A

With the D.I.M.S islands of defocus, MiYOSMART lenses simultaneously allow light to land both on the retina and in front of the retina. This promotes the eye to slow, or halt, the elongation reflex that would otherwise occur, while still providing clear vision. For this type of treatment to effectively manage myopia progression it must be applied continuously. Accordingly, the corrective lenses need to be worn full time. A photochromic lens option allows for full-time wear indoors and outdoors.

You may be wondering, How can unimpeded, clear vision be obtained when parts of the prescripiton lens are made with a weaker prescription? The lens design provides clear, function vision by relying on a reflex of the brain that tends to focus only on the clear inputs it receives and ignore, or discard, much of the blur. The ratio of full prescription power and weakened prescription is 50:50, a ratio that has been thoroughly tested and verified to provide comfortable vision for the wearer.

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MiYOSMART DIMS (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segment) Technology

By the year 2050, an astounding 50% of our global population is projected to grapple with myopia, also known as nearsightedness. It's a staggering statistic, and the implications of this vision-related issue are far-reaching, touching upon functionality, lifestyle, and the very health of our precious eyes. At first glance, it might seem that stronger eyeglasses hold the key to solving the initial problem of blurred vision. Yet, the truth is more nuanced. While eyeglasses undeniably provide immediate relief, our focus must shift towards something deeper: slowing down the relentless progression of myopia.

Myopia, even as low as -1.00 diopters, can elevate your child's risk of serious eye conditions like glaucoma, myopic maculopathy, retinal detachment, and cataracts by 2-3 times over their lifetime. Now, imagine the stakes escalating further with higher levels of myopia, say, -7.00 diopters and beyond. The risk of retinal detachment skyrockets by an astonishing 44 times, cataracts by 6 times, glaucoma by 3 times, and myopic maculopathy by a mind-boggling 127 times (yes, you read that right, it's not a typo). These aren't just numbers; they represent potentially life-altering consequences.

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Myopia Management and Myopia Control Eyewear For Children
  • Proven Effectiveness. A two-year clinical study started in 2014 found that the lenses can cut or reduce myopia progression by an average of 60%
  • Convenience. Eyeglasses equipped with MiYOSMART lenses are considerably easier to wear and care for than Ortho-K lenses or conventional mypia control contact lenses.
  • Non-Invasive. They represent an easy, safe, and non-invasive solution for myopia progression management. The patient does nothing more than wear their glasses fitted with MiYOSMART lenses.
  • Impact Resistance. Manufactured using polycarbonate, MiYOSMART lenses offer the imapct resistance needed to complement the active lifestyles of children.
  • Easy Adaptation. MiYOSMART lenses are reported to be easier to adapt to than the Stellest lens design by Essilor.
  • Photochromic Option. With an option for light-sensitive lenses, MiYOSMART lenses have the features needed to accommodate all-day, indooor/outdoor wear and provide long term results.
  • Warranty. A one-time replacement warranty that covers manufacturing defects in the lens and/or lens coating.
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MiYOSMART Myopia Control Eyeglasses in Edmonton

At eye-deology Vision Care you have multiple treatment options to choose from to manage myopia. Modern myopia control prescription eyeglass lenses from Hoya (MiYOSMART Lenses), Zeiss (Zeiss Myovision Pro Lenses and MyoKids Lenses), and Essilor (Stellest Lenses), along with myopia control contact lenses from CooperVision (MiSight Contact Lenses) have scientifically demonstrated the ability to stabilize the advanced of myopia in children. Ortho-K lenses are another option that can be considered.

In addition to specialized prescription lenses, myopia management requires quarterly or biannual eye exams to assess your child's visual acuity and the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment in the stabilization of myopia progression.

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Myopia Control Contact Lenses in Edmonton

While myopia control eyeglass lenses can assist in slowing the progression of the myopia, they are not the fulsome solution - behavioural changes and regular eye exams are also needed to maximize results.

  • More Time Outdoors. Research shows that spending 2 hours or more outdoors per day may reduce the risk of myopia onset and its progression.
  • Regular Optometrist Visits. Get your child's eyes regularly checked (See Child Eye Exams) to ensure myopia or other vision problems are detected and treated early. Be mindful of your child's tendency to hide or downplay their vision problems.
  • Frequent Breaks. Reduce your child's eye strain by reminding them to take breaks from intensive screen time and short-sighted activities. Teach them the 20-20-20 Rule: Give the eyes a break every 20 minutes to look at a distance of 20 meters for 20 seconds or more.
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hild Eye Exams for Myopia Management in Edmonton

To be effective, MiYOSMART lenses need to be worn throughout the entire day. Many parents cringe at the prospect of their child wearing glasses while being active or when outdoors. To complement MiYOSMART lenses, our Edmonton optical offers flexible kids eyeglass frames that are kid, parent, optometrist, and optician approved! The frames are made from eco-friendly, hypoallergenic BPA-free renewable material made from castor beans that parents can feel good about. With a fun color palette and lightweight, flexible strength, these are flexible frames kids actually want to wear. These frames, designed for active lifestyles, also include a color-coordinated, removable headstrap.

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Several treatment options are available for myopia. Each options has its benefits and risks.

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The average age for myopia stabilization is approximately 14.6 years, with girls stabilizing earlier than boys. Early intervention can slow myopia progression until children reach this critical age.

MiYOSMART eyeglass lenses, MyoVision eyeglass lenses, or MiSight contact lenses are effective myopia management options for low to moderate levels of myopia. Ortho-k lenses can often be a better choice for treating high levels of myopia. However, Ortho-k lenses are not for everyone, they are more costly, and can be a challenge for children to care for and keep sterile.

No, myopia management only slows the progression of myopia. This means if a child's diagnosis was predicted to be at -8.00 diopters, myopia management will often limit progression to only -3.50 diopers. It will also significantly reduce the likelihood of developing eye diseases (i.e., glaucoma, myopic macular degeneration) and disorders (i.e., retinal detachments) later in life.

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